Alternative Ticketing

Whether you’re putting on a gig, burlesque show, roller derby bout, wrestling match, brewery tour, comedy night, experimental theatre show, or some other badass thing we haven’t thought of yet - sell tickets online with no faff.

Why Ticket Punch?

Get started right now

Free to sign up and create events.

Buyers pay you directly

You’re never left waiting for your cash.

Straightforward flat-rate fees
per ticket sold

So you know exactly where you stand.

Tickets sent to your buyers
immediately by email

Boom. Everyone’s a winner!

About Us

We’re like you. We like loud music, we drink beer, and we enjoy the more alternative things in life. Chances are we’ll want to come to your event, or we’ve been before.

We made Ticket Punch especially for people like you and us - people who want to do something exciting and have a great time in the process.

How it works

  1. Sign up and integrate your payment account
  2. Create your event listing and promote the URL through as many channels as you can!
  3. When someone buys a ticket, you receive the money (with our fees automatically deducted)
  4. Your buyer receives an email with a unique reference number for each ticket they bought
  5. Check tickets at the door
  6. PARTY!


We'll be charging a flat-rate fee per ticket sold, so you don't pay anything until you start making money.

However! While we're in Beta, Ticket Punch is completely free to use, and if you join us now you'll enjoy discounted rates forever.

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